The Best Quality We Offer

Healthyliving Inc. is a leading provider of dietary supplements in Philippines, providing 100% natural health food with the highest quality. Founded in 2009, under the concept of caring about your health and wellness, we aim to offer you with supplements that are safe, effective, and of the highest potency possible, produced only with the finest ingredients under the stringent supervisions in the government of Taiwan and Japan.

Over the years, we have more and more satisfied customers all over the world. We continue to strive for the best, develop and improve our products with cutting-edge technology and extensive laboratory research.

Among the health group, the Liu Chuan Golden Clam, Platinum DHA 70 and Bilberry Extract have been recognized as the best formula for liver, brain development and eye protection in the country of Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.

Why Healthyliving?

There is a huge variety of health supplements available in Philippines. Healthyliving Inc. has established a reputation for supreme quality and reliability; we do not sacrifice quality for price, and we only use the most superior grade ingredients with well-developed formula that your body deserves.

Stringent Supervision and Quality Assurance

From the raw material manufacturing to packaging, each production process is carried out under stringent supervision and quality assurance. Healthyliving products have fulfilled the specifications given by the Philippine Government, as well as the international safety standards. Working as a double assurance, the quality and safety of our products are investigated by the Bureau of Food and Drugs before launching to the market, to ensure the absence of heavy metal, mercury, pesticides or any harmful substance.