About Agaricus

Agaricus is well known for its ability to stimulate the immune system. It has traditionally been used against a variability of diseases, ranging from physical and emotional stress, diabetes, high cholesterol and circulatory problems, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer and indigestion, to chronic hepatitis and cancer and to improve the overall health, and thus - the quality of human life.

Agaricus was discovered in 1960 by Takatoshi Furumoto, near a small Brazilian village Piedade located in the highland areas of the Atlantic forest near Sao Paolo (Brazil). According to legend, the elderly people in this region were less likely to suffer from serious diseases than those in the neighboring communities.

Because of its alleged health effects, it was brought to Japan and subjected to biomedical research, which confirmed the mushroom's richness in immunomodulating substances such as β-glucans. Since that time it has been widely cultivated in Japan for medicinal purposes. Based on DNA sequence analysis (rDNA ITS region) and on mapping studies and genetic analysis of hybrid progeny, there is a strong case for co-specificity of the Brazilian mushrooms with Agaricus subrufescens. Based on a study of the type and other data, the recent lecto typification of A. subrufescens is widely accepted. Since the time the mushroom became subjected to intensive scientific research some 35 years ago, it has become widely known. Scientific studies have focused mainly on the effect of ABM as an immunomodulating agent, and its therapeutic effect in connection with infections and cancer

Agaricus Premier (Super-Water-Soluble) is cultivated in Japan, Acquiring Grade 1 mycelia and fruit body of Agaricus, and is produced by “Hot Water Extraction” ensuing 100% water soluble. Thus an increase is digestibility and enhances bioavailability of the special class polysaccharides, also enables instant absorption by human body.


Boosts body functions and enhances the immune system

Agaricus contains polysaccharides (β-D-glucan and α-glucan) which are confirmed to: strengthen body’s overall immune functions, upgrade our self-defense system and eliminate inhibition of immunological function. Agaricus ranks No.1 with a 100% improvement rates amongst the mushroom species. Also, it can lower and neutralize toxic substances within the body and defense against intruders.
Agaricus is rich in protein (all essential amino acids), niacin, vitamins and minerals especially potassium. It is an excellent natural supplement to maintain good health.

Promotes physical strength, vitality and alleviated fatigue

Agaricus contains different kind of amino acid, protein, vitamins and minerals which supply enough nutrients for our body to maximize its function.

Strengthens hepatic and renal function

It neutralizes the accumulated poison in our body and increases our liver function.

Excellent for recovery from postpartum, illness, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Agaricus has the highest concentration of polysaccharide protein in fungi family. Meiriki – Agaricus Preimer is specially made for people that are recovering from postpartum, illness, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for health improvement.
Protects cardiovascular system

The fiber content of Agaricus can absorb fatty acid and improve our heart health. It also helps to normalize serum fatty acid and improve our cardiovascular system.

Strengthens digestive system

Dietary fiber of Agaricus stimulates bowel movements, thus helps to eliminate toxins out of our body.

Relieves stress and improves quality of sleep and gastrointestinal function and peristalsis Most of HK people are working under pressure. They are often suffered from constipation and sleeplessness. Meiriki – Agaricus Premium contains Vitamin D. It can relieve stress, improve quality of sleep and enhance immune system.

Helps calcium absorption and strengthens bone

Agaricus contains ergosterol, which inhibits abnormal cell multiplication. Ergosterol also aids in the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin. Vitamin D and calcium are necessary to maintain a healthy bone.

Balance the starch level in our body

The polysaccharide, β-D-glucan and α-D-glucan, can reduce starch absorption and increase the rate of carbohydrate metabolism to balance the starch level.

Agaricus contain high content of fiber. It can increase the satiety and decrease the carbohydrate absorption rate in our intestine.

Effective Ingredients

Agaricus Premier (Super–Water–Soluble)

Agricus is known as “Mushroom of God” originated in Piedade, which is located in the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It belongs to the Agaricaeae family, grown in the mountainous district of Piedade, Sao Paulo, in South- Eastern Brazil. It is rich in Polysaccharides, Peptides, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, RNA, Dietary Fiber, Digestive Enzymes and natural steroids such as Ergoesterol.

In 1970s, researchers of Pennsylvania State University and Lambert Laboratories, noted that the rate of occurrence of city diseases in Piedade region was extremely low due to Agaricus as a part of the regular diet of Piedade in habitants. Agaricus was first then highlighted in their published studies.

At around the same time, Agaricus was introduced to Japan. Dr. Shoji Shibata of the Pharmacological Department of Tokyo University and Dr. Tetro Ikegawa of the national Cancer Center, jointly researched the pharmacological effects of Agaricus. Their experiment with animals verified that the Polysaccharide, β-D-glucan, contained in Agaricus significantly promoted the function of immune system. The research results were released at the general convention of the Japan Pharmacological Association and the Japan Cancer Association.

Japan University researchers also verified that the effect of agaricus on boosting immune system is far above the ling-zhi, yun-zhi, maitake mushroom and shiitake mushroom. In 1999, agaricus is recognized by FDA as the first mushroom that can boost immunity. Agaricus now is the best selling immune-enhancing supplement amongst the mushroom species.

Meiriki – Agaricus Premier (Super – Water – Soluble) is specially produced by “Hot Water Extraction”, ensuing 100% water soluble. Thus increases its digestibility and enhances bioavailability of the special class polysaccharides, also enables higher immune-enhancement of human body.

Who should take Agaricus

Agaricus Premier: the following people may obtain beneficial results from Agaricus due to the active ingredients,Grade 1 Agaricus Blazei Fruiting Body Extract (85%), Grade 1 Agaricus Blazei Mycelia Extract (15%), Capsules (gelatin and glycerin)

• Health conscious individuals
• Middle aged and above individuals
• Individuals who smoke, have an unhealthy dietary habit or easily catch a cold
• Individuals with a family history of life-threatening diseases
• Individuals who suffer from stress
• Individuals who are willing to invest in themselves for a healthy, active, long life.
• People with a high occurrence of infectious diseases, including Colds and Flu
• People with allergies or skin conditions, including skin cancer
• People over 40 when the immune system starts to slow down to the natural aging process
• People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic inflammation and chronic fatigue
• People with arteriosclerosis. Agaricus Premier helps draw extra cholesterol from blood, thus preventing further plaque formation on the arterial walls.
• People with an impaired or suppressed immune system from any cause.
• People undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.
• People affected by extra free radical production from external sources such as UV radiation, electromagnetic fields, poor nutritional habits and toxic chemicals.
• Professional and amateur athletes or anyone who works out intensively.
• People under severe physical or emotional stress.

Recommended Dosage

As Health Supplement

• Adult may take 2-3 capsules daily
• Children should take 1 capsule daily
As an adjunct treatment

• During Treatment (take 3 capsules twice a day in the morning)
• During recovery (take 3 capsules per day in the morning)

Content: 220mg x 90capsules per bottle

Shelf Life: 3 years


• Take it with warm water in the morning
• If you have gout or too much uric acid, you need to drink more water every day
• Vegetarian has to open the capsule, mix the powder with warm water and drink it in the morning

Quality Assurance

Agaricus Premier (Super- Water- Soluble)

is tested regularly by Japan Food Research Laboratories (J.F.R.L.), an independent testing Laboratory authorized by Japanese Government. This assurance guarantees this product can meet the highest quality.


What is Agaricus Premier?

Agaricus blazei Murill is well known for its ability does stimulate the immune system. It has traditionally been used against a variability of diseases, ranging from physical and emotional stress, diabetes, high cholesterol and circulatory problems, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer and indigestion, to chronic hepatitis and cancer Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom (ABM) is a medicinal mushroom known for its highest anti-tumor compound [β-D glucans] of any edible mushrooms. It is being used to fight cancer, and to prevent various kind of ailments by its immune system enhancing capability. Now ABRAZIL can supply ABM mushrooms in large scale production as ingredients for industries.

Natural Ingredients of Agaricus Premier?

Grade 1 Agaricus Blazei Fruiting Body Extract (85%), Grade 1 Agaricus Blazei Mycelia Extract (15%) Agaricus Premier (Super-Water-Soluble) is specially produced by “HOT WATER EXTRACTION”, ensuing 100% water soluble. Thus increases its digestibility and enhances bioavailability of the special class polysaccharides, also enables higher immune-enhancement of human body

Agaricus blazei is well known to contain a high level of beta glucans (the extract contains more glucans) Beta glucan stimulates activity of natural killer cells, which are an important part of the immune system, where it is regarded as a health food due to its medicinal properties

What is the recommended dosage of Agaricus Primier?

For adult, take 2-3 capsules per day
For Children, take 1 capsule per day
During treatment, take 3 capsules twice a day
During recovery, take 3 capsules per day

How long can I take Agaricus Premier for?
Like a vitamin, it can be taken daily for maximum benefit.

I am currently on medications. Can I still use Agaricus?
As a nutritional product, Agaricus has no known adverse food-drug interaction. However, it is a good practice to consult with your doctor before taking Agaricus Premier Supplements.

Should I take Agaricus when I have a cold?
In case of a cold when the immune systems feels weakened, it is recommended to take twice the normal amount of two to four packets per day.

How effective is this mushroom against cancer and other ailments?

Cancer: Studies on the agaricus blazei murill mushrooms have shown that the mushroom may be helpful in various types of cancer. As with other therapies, this is a natural therapy and you should consult a doctor or seek medical advice.

Diabetes: Studies have shown that agaricus blazei mushrooms may help to reduce blood glucose levels

Hepatitis: Studies have shown that ABM may be helpful in certain cases of Hepatitis

Studies have shown that ABM may also help to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

What should I expect from Agaricus Premier Energy?
An increase in energy, stamina and endurance, Easier breathing and alertness, People on the Agaricus Premier for three months and longer benefit the most. It becomes a life regiment of feeling good.


“The patient was confirmed to be suffering from gastric cancer. Without treating with surgery, the patient take Agaricus Premier 3 capsules twice a day, and appetite and stool turned to normal afterward. Four months later, all related testing index are found to improve substantially”
- Frank Danao – 54 year-old from Marikina City

“Doctors estimated the patient and deduce only a two-month life was left. After taking Agaricus Premier for 10 days, appetite was resumed; after taking Agaricus Premier for 1 month, physical strength was increased; after taking Agaricus Premier for 3 months, health condition was almost back to normal”
- Maki Sotto – 73 year-old from Sta Cruz Manila

"I have a pulmonary embolism right behind my heart. I would walk and get tired very easily and have shortness of breath. Walking up and down steps was exhausting. After three weeks of using Agaricus Premier my energy level increased and my family wanted to know what happened to me. I am still taking Agaricus Premier and I feel great. I have more energy, the shortness of breath is gone and I'm more active again."
- Rich Kua – 72 year-old from Makati City

"I am a pharmacist who had a clogged artery going into my heart. I also had high cholesterol and swollen ankles. I have been taking Agaricus Premier for 1 month. My cardiologist did some additional blood work and sent me for another stress test after I told him how good I was feeling. He could not find the clog that was in my artery. My total cholesterol level is 139 and my triglycerides are 65 both down over 35%. The swelling in my ankles is gone. I attribute this to Agaricus Premier and I have made it part of my life. Being a pharmacist I recommend Agaricus Premier to all my customers as the Best All-Round Health Enhancer".
- Gene Anacleta – 50 year-old from Alabang

"My husband started on Agaricus Premier and I wanted to see what they did for him before trying them I. I was tired all the time. After seeing the difference in my husband's energy level from using Agaricus PremierI tried it. I have more energy, more stamina and I wish I heard about it a lot sooner. Thank you, Agaricus Premier."
- Marguerite Tan 45 year-old – Muntinlupa City

“All this time I often really experienced or suffered itches on my skin at all body. I had tried various kind of salvings and recipes of doctor. However, their result was so dissatisfactory. Finally I was offered by my friend a "Agaricus Premier product and its result so extraordinary. Itchiness that I feels in the period of hour calculated fade away and heretofore don't recurrence again.”
- Ancheta Ong 61year-old – Bagong Ilog Pasig

“I nearly was cast down to get doctor and cure mellitus diabetes disease that I had been suffering since last teens. A variety effort I had tried, medic or traditional but sugar rate on my blood was still high. Even I had tried to consume variety medicines from various state at the price that enough expensive but again I was disappointed because sugar rate on my blood was still high. Until I tried to consume an "Agaricus Premier product and after I consumed it for 2 weeks with 2 capsules per day and my eating patterns was managed, sugar rate on my blood got down drastically from 340 to 168 and almost approached normal.”
- Gerry Mallari – 48 yearl-old Binondo Manila

“I am now feeling more able to experience life, high blood pressure disease that I had been suffering made me quite couldn't live it up. Often angry, dizzy and a lot of abstention that I should avoid so my blood pressure not going high. Eventually eating goat broil is my favorite one. But present it is not anymore a problem. Since I actively consume product of "Agaricus Premier” product (my high blood pressure is not felt anymore.”
- Alberto Craig – 55 year-old from laguna City

"I am forced to have an earlier working stopped; eventually my family needs are still many. It was caused by disease which I suffered. Cholesterol is not my problem anymore. Since I consumed product of “Agaricus Premier, the disease that I had been suffering for ten years and really troubled me finally gone from my body. And now, I can back to work again with every consideration and can help to meet the needs of my family."
- Victoria Sy – 53 year-old from Greenhills San Juan