About Meiriki Bilberry Extract

Modern lifestyle nowadays can cause great burden on the eyes. Adults and children are hooked for several hours a day watching TV, working with their computers, and reading books. With all this stressing things to be done, the eyes are suffering so much. This lifestyle in the long run will likely to cause problems with our vision which may result in varying degrees of eye problems, such as: dry eyes, eye astringent, red bars, bags under the eyes, dark circles and progression of myopia and so on. We have to act immediately to start protecting our eyes before it's too late.

The strongest and natural Bilberry Extract formula is made up of the following ingredients: Nordic wild Dwarf Bilberry + DHA + Lutein. Meirki Bilberry is made from the extract of the highest quality bilberry-Nordic Wild Dwarf Bilberry.

Meiriki Bilberry Extract uses fresh bilberries which are low in fructose or sugar content, it is good for those with diabetes to take Meiriki Bilberry Extract because all sugar content in the bilberries is being remove therefore it doesn't contain fructose, a type of sugar which is found on fruits. Excessive intake of the fruits with fructose may result to obesity.

Meiriki Bilberry Extract is in capsule form which is made from natural isinglass that effectively prevents deterioration caused by oxidation in the air. It easy to swallow, and does not harm the stomach, and the product is easily absorbed by the body.

Benefits of Meiriki Bilberry

1. Elimination of eye fatigue, strengthening of the capillaries, continuous blood vessels circulation in the eyes are the benefits of taking Meiriki Bilberry Extract. It reduces the microfilament expansion and swelling in the eyes. It also relieves eye fatigue, and improves the dark circles and bags under the eyes.

A study in Japan found out that 85% of the patients who take Meiriki Bilberry Extract had significantly improved the current conditions of their eyes. It is the actual proof that Meiriki Bilberry Extract works effectively in enhancing microvascular blood to run.

2. Meiriki Bilberry Extract with anthocyanins, DHA, and Lutein can also balance the secretion of tears to relieve dry eyes, and make it comfortable for the other people to wear contact lenses, especially for the elderly.

3. DHA is an essential element for brain development; it can direct the brain, the brain cell growth and development. Multi absorption of DHA in the brain plays an important role in the brain development. DHA enhances the brain functions, it also activated the brain and nervous cells, and enhancing the brain delivery of information and thinking skills. As the key link, DHA in the membrane accounts for 50-60% of the development of the cells, which enables cellular soft membrane to enhance the conveying of the information to the brain, which in return will also enhance the vision as the excellent effect of the product.

4. In the study conducted by the US Tufts University, it confirmed that compared to the 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables, Bilberry contains the highest antioxidant content. In addition to that, it enhances the vivo antioxidant levels, removes oxides and protects the eyes against systemic vascular function and promotes the role of the circulatory system to help heart health.

5. Meiriki Bilberry Extract also maintains the effectiveness of collagen to make skin beautiful. It also promotes and enhance collagen synthesis, repel damage collagen enzyme, and the muscles are relaxed which results to bright skin and skin full of luster and flexible.

Nutritional Facts (Natural Ingredients)

1. Anthocyanins - High anthocyanin concentration (36%) constitute the color purple blue of the bilberry fruit. The anti-oxidation effect of vitamin E is 50 times effective to eliminate the eye oxide, which will result to the clearness in vision. Other bilberry products in the market have the concentrations of antioxidants with 25% or lower, while Meiriki Bilberry Extract uses the highest level of 36% of ultra-high concentration of anthocyanin. Every 3 tablets of Meiriki Bilberry Extract contains anthocyanin equivalent to 360 fresh bilberries.
2. DHA - Meiriki Bilberry Extract uses technology to combine the high concentration of natural extracts of DHA fish oil and anthocyanin for easy absorption for our eyes. DHA and anthocyanins are an essential element of the retina, it effectively speed up the optic nerve of the eye and brain Inter-messaging, to make vision more clearly.

Many similar eye health supplement are available on the market, but other products can not combine DHA with anthocyanins, therefore the results are less effective compared to Meiriki Bilberry Extract.
3. Lutein is a yellow-to-orange pigment or phytochemical found mostly in plants. It works as an antioxidant in your body to reduce the damage done by free radicals. Lutein is a carotenoid and is related to vitamin A. Other carotenoids include beta carotene, alpha carotene and zeaxanthin. Lutein is concentrated in the retinas of your eyes, so it's a necessary component of normal vision

Key health benefits and healing properties associated with taking lutein supplements, to include the following:

• healthy vision
• improves vision in cataracts sufferers
• reduces risk of macular degeneration
• helps develop macular pigment
• lowers dry eye symptom

Recommended Dosage

- Adults may take 2 capsules daily
- Pregnant and lactating women may take 2 capsules daily
- Children may take 1-2 capsules daily
- Content: 300mg x 60caps
- Shelf Life: 3years

Note: Cut the capsule and squeeze fish oil into milk or mix the capsule with baby cereal

Product Quality Assurance

1. Has undergone numerous testing under the Japan Food Analysis Laboratory and is duly licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Health based on the Japanese government's standards on health and food safety and product quality requirements;

2. Has passed the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center for medical products, proving that the extract is free of pesticides, insecticides, micro-organisms and other harmful substances. Does not contain any heavy metals, preservatives, pesticide residues, Complies with the international standards of quality.

3. Is known and recommended by doctors, pharmacists, and optometrists throughout Japan and Hong Kong;

4. GMP manufacturers from Japan have proven this product as safety and reliable.

Meiriki Bilberry Extract is of high quality eye health supplement. It has the most attractive ingredients for an eye supplement: anthocyanins, DHA, and Lutein, and regarded as the best formulation eye supplement. From the year 2003 to 2008; Meiriki Bilberry was awarded by Hong Kong Watsons' as the best selling formula for eye health supplement. Meiriki Bilberry Extract is absolutely the best choice for eye supplement.


“After working all day at the computer my eyes often feel strained and tired, but when I start taking bilberry extract I don’t feel strained and tired anymore even after working with my computer all day. This product could help to prevent my eyes to have early poor eye sight.”

- Leslie Uy 35 years old – Quezon City

“I often feel itchy in my eyes, and when I start taking bilberry extract itchiness is totally gone”

- Rowena Go 27 years old – Malate Manila

“Gladly found this product! It’s a big help for us have poor eye sight, it enhance my eye vision.”

- Noel Tan 45 years old – Binondo Manila

“I take this supplement three times a day and gladly noticed that it improves my eye vision. It helps down my eye glasses grade and for that I’d recommended this Meiriki Bilberry on my friends and they also improved their eye vision.”

- Sally Ong 40 Years Old – Makati City

“I’m taking bilberry Extract for two months and it really improves my eye vision that’s why I am thankful to know this product”

- Nelly Chan 42 years Old – Valenzuela City


What is Meiriki Bilberry Extract

Meiriki Bilberry Extract uses fresh bilberries which are low in fructose or sugar content; it is good for those with diabetes and made from natural isinglass which effectively prevents from deterioration caused by oxidant in the air. It is easy to swallow, and does not harm the stomach, and easily absorbed by the body.

What are the powerful ingredients of Meiriki Bilberry Extract?

• VMA – Highest level of anthocyanin concentration at 36% to maintain Visual Cycle, Protect eye capillaries, Anti-Oxidant and SOD function,
• DHA – Contains high concentration of natural extracts of DHA fish oil, protect eyesight, basic element for retina
• Lutein – Absorb blue light, avoid eye damage, process high antioxidant capability, lower risk of developing eye cataracts and macular degeneration

What exactly does Meiriki Bilberry Extract treat?

• Improves visual eye acuity and night vision,
• Eliminates eye fatigue, eye dryness, dark circle and eyebag
• Improve the blood flow to the tiny vessels that keep the eyes healthy

How long until improvement is seen

In just 2 hours can relieves eye fatigue, and improves the dark circles and bags under the eyes and regular usage will also provide lasting protection against damage to the eyes caused by free radicals and illnesses like diabetes.

Is it okay to take my vitamins and Meiriki Bilberry Extract at the same time?

Yes. Vitamins and Meiriki Bilberry Extract supplements usually work well together. You may even find with the right combination that your desired results will come even more quickly

Should I stop taking Meiriki Bilberry Extract once I feel better?

A good rule is to continue using Bilberry Extract. This will help you to continue to feel better and what better way than naturally? Meiriki Bilberry work best when used regularly throughout your life to support your eyes condition every day.

At what age should I think about taking Meiriki Bilberry Extract?

Meiriki Bilberry Extract is applicable for all ages.

What is the different of Meiriki Bilberry Extract from other eye supplement in market

Meiriki Bilberry Extract has High level of VMA, DHA and LUTEIN to improve and take good care of our eyes than other eye supplement in market nowadays.

Is there any side effects with Meiriki Bilberry Extract

There is no bad side effects upon taking Meirki Bilberry Extract because it is purely extracted from Bilberries.
How many capsules do we need to take
Adults – Take 2-3 capsules per day.
Children – Take 1 capsule per day.

How about the precaution

Meiriki Bilberry Extract are considered generally safe, with no known side effects.

Is this food supplement guaranteed

We are confidently say yes it is, it can provides safest and most effective natural solution and best way to maintain eyes health.

Where to Buy

Destiny Chinese Drugstore
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Tekseng Chinese Drugstore
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