About Black Fungus

Black fungus has an unattractive appearance and has no specific smell, and it is considered as one of the most affordable food items in the market. Almost nobody knows about it or has tasted it, and a lot of people probably do not know that black fungus is one of the high quality herbs that has the same level with ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and Chinese yam among Chinese medicines. It is a great help, particularly for cardiovascular health protection. Therefore, black fungus is said to be a natural healthy food product with low cost and high nutrition.

Natural food prevents illness and strengthens the bodies According to Chinese medicine, the taste of black fungus is bland, non toxic, and it aids those who have lack of appetite. It also cools blood for hemostasis, enriches blood and promotes blood flow, protects five internal organs, cleanses the lungs, invigorates the stomach function to promote digestion, acts as laxative treatment for constipation and heals hemorrhoid. No wonder it is also known as the "panacea."
According to the research of Western medicine, this can reduce blood viscosity, prevent or dissolve blood clot, ease up coronary atherosclerosis, and it also has 42.6% inhibitory effect of acidic polysaccharides on S180 sarcoma mice. Therefore, it has a great value to health and prevents disease in clinical and health practice.

Black fungus is rich in protein, mineral substance, gelatin, and has high value of nutrition and health care. The intake of American ginseng imported from Canada is most suitable for busy working people, who have insufficient rest, physical weakness, and excessive drinking and smoke consumption. This can help them for reducing pathogenic heat, sedative and antipyretic effect, and regulation of blood lipids, lowering of blood sugar, enhancing the body's anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue and immune system.

Effects and Nutritional of Black Fungus to Human Body

1. Helps enhance blood circulation and prevent hardening of the arteries
2. Treatment for swelling pain, nerve numbness, tetany and obstructed vessel which is cause by trauma
3. Promotes defecation, improves anal fistula, hematochezia, hemorrhoid and varicose veins
4. Treatment on cold-dampness and lumbocrural pain
5. Gynecological diseases such as uterine bleeding and amenorrhea
6. Improves anemia and prevent of osteoporosis
7. Effectively restraining effect on cerebral thrombosis, reducing blood lipids, benefit the cardio vascular and cerebrovascular diseases
8. Growth from combustion, fat liquefaction, result to weight loss
9. Reducing blood sugar
10. Reduces plasma cholesterol
11. Black fungus can inhibit tumor
12. Enhance antioxidant capacity, glial and polysaccharide with beauty features

Effects of Ginseng to Human Body

1. The function of American ginseng is for calming, pain killer, antipyretic, antiperspirant, memory and brain enhancer for the nervous system.
2. The American ginseng can be antiarrhythmic, anti-myocardial ischemia, protection of cardiocytes for cardiovascular system
3. American ginseng is not only anit-hemolysis, stopped bleeding, anti-platelet aggregation for blood system.
4. American ginseng is for adjusting blood-ester and lowering blood sugar in metabolism
5. Enhanced body's anti-anoxia, anti-fatigue, hunger, thirst, high and low temperature resistant as well as improving immunity, regulating endocrine function of the body.

Exercise regularly, quit smoking and drinking, and keep yourself physically and mentally healthy, and at same time maintain proper diet. In short, black fungus is an effective prescription with low calorie and high energy food; eating more of it can prevent diseases.

Recommended Dosage

- Take three capsules of Jews Ear Fungus before meal twice a day


- For women – do not take Jews Ear Fungus during menstruation period to avoid further bleeding

Product Assurance and Certifications

• ISO9001 and certified CAS, black fungus with natural ingredients and high quality American ginseng is imported from Canada.
• Da-Yeh University Students Technology R & D centers are known for their internationally renowned collection of professional and technical group
• Research and development, innovation of high value added bio-technology, extraction technology of herbal
• Cosmetic dermatology, immuno-diagnostic reagents and other quality products are famous in the industry, government and academia.
• This product is made of all natural materials
• Vegetarian formula (contains Japanese made plant HPMC capsule) for vegetarians.
• This product is best in quality, safe and reliable, and has been accredited by SGS and Scientific Research Institute that it does not contain pesticides, heavy metals and any composition that will harm human bodies.


“"This Jews Ear Fungus really helps to improve my anemia"

- Kathy Ng 34 years old - Taguig City

"When I start taking Jews Ear Fungus I noticed that my blood sugar level was slowed down, and I continued taking this to maintain my low sugar level"

- Reynaldo Tan 50 years old - Caloocan City

"I am suffering from hypertension; I took three capsule of Jews Ear fungus two times a day because it helps my blood to circulation regularly"

- Nicanor Lo 57 years old - Sta. Cruz Manila

"For two months taking of Jews Ear Fungus, I proved that it is a big help when it comes to reducing a blood cloth. And thanks for such a great product like Jews Ear Fungus."

- Willie Te 45 Years Old - Antipolo City

"Jews ear fungus helps to lower my blood cholesterol and it also prevent hardening of my arteries" - Bernardo Sy 60 years old - Binondo Manila


What is Jew's Ear Fungus?

Jews Ear Fungus is one of the high quality herbs that have the same level with ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and Chinese yam among Chinese medicines. It is a great help particularly for cardiovascular health protection and a natural healthy food product with low cost and high nutrition.

What are the ingredients of Jews Ear Fungus?

Black fungus and American ginseng is the main ingredients of Jews Ear Fungus.

• Black fungus - helps reduce blood viscosity, prevent or dissolve blood clot.
• American Ginseng - helps reduce pathogenic heat, sedative and antipyretic effect, regulation of blood lipids, lowered the blood sugar and enhancing immune system.

How long does it take to see the effect of Jews Ear Fungus?

You will notice the effect after a month of taking Jews Ear Fungus, however, others feel the good effect within three weeks.

Is there any side effect from Jews Ear Fungus?

No certain bad effects you can get from Jews Ear Fungus because of its natural ingredients.

What is the recommended dosage of Jews Ear Fungus?

Take three capsules of Jews Ear Fungus before meal twice a day.

How about precautions?

• For women - do not take Jews Ear Fungus during menstruation period to avoid further bleeding.
• Don't take Jews Ear Fungus after tooth extraction.

Who Need to Take Jews Ear Fungus

- Busy Working People
- Those who have insufficient rest
- Physical weakness and excessive drinking and smoke consumption
- Those who have high blood pressure and high blood sugar
- Those who have blood clot and varicose vains