About Golden Clam

The untold story of . . .

ShouFong river located in Hualien, Taiwan is the primary breeding ground of GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAMS. This place was named “Liu Chuan Fisheries” (meaning “located at the river”) .

GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAMS are produced in the world's only organic algae and natural freshwater farm.

The nutritional value of the Liu Chuan GOLDEN CLAM surpasses any other, and has more profound liver- enhancing benefits. In fact, the GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAM is now regarded as one of Taiwan's National Treasures.

Corbicula Fluminea or CORBICULA CLAM has undergone scientific studies in the United States, Japan, China and Taiwan. The results of their studies were remarkable on the aspect of general health and wellness that such invertebrate can control, reduce, recover and improve various diseases, disorders on human liver, pancreas, kidney and heart. GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAM has gained recognition as a health-enhancing tonic.

GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAM is bred in a pollution-free and quality freshwater with maifan stone used for filtration. Every LIU CHUAN GOLDEN CLAM tablet is equivalent to 100 GOLDEN CORBICULA CLAMS concentrated essence. This is a combination of excellent technology from the field of nutrition, medical and bio-technology.

Liu Chuan’s GOLDEN CLAM is a 100% all-natural food supplement rich with Vitamin B2, B6 and B12, DHA, Arginine, Taurine and Ornithine, Minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, and 18 other essential amino acids.

Medical Research

1980 Japanese Professor did a research of liver disease patients treatment using clam extracts. Results showed 82% of 853 personnel have recovered and improved.

1982 Japanese Medical Team from University did a experiment showed proven results that clam can control fatty liver, prevent elevation of GOT & GPT and reduce the death of liver cells.

1994 University Professor Gong had done a 6 years research on clam and discovered the protein in clam extracts has the ability to prevent cancer, particularly liver cancer.

1998 Cholesterol & Heart Specialist Professor Lim discovered the clam can increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce in LDL (bad cholestorl), thus prevent the hardening of vessels, heart and blood circulation disease.

1999 Professor Lim confirmed clam can reduce the AST & ALT of liver.

2003 University of Tzu Chi discovered clam besides liver is also good for the health of heart, pancreas and kidney.

Liver Experts Says :

Liver Disease is a Silent Killer. It causes no pain, making it more dangerous!

So far, there is no comprehensive medicine for Liver Disease.

Liver disease cannot be cured, so it must be well taken care of.

Liu Chuan Golden Clam

is known as the "best food for the liver" for hundred of years by ancient textbooks of wisdom.
is the world's only natural food able to revitalise the liver and enhance the immune system of the body.
is proven to be the world's only and the best nutrition food for the liver. It can prevent the liver from the suffering of diseases like hepatitis, cancer, etc.

Benefits of Golden Clam

The Goodness of Golden Clam

100% natural ingredients
the golden clams used of Golden Clam are grown in flowing mountain streams rich with green algae or chlorella in HuaLien, Taiwan, which is claimed to be one of the few remaining unpolluted spots in the world.

Excellent source of protein and minerals
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) certified that Golden Clam has a protein index of 100, a good amount of protein supply to our body. Not just rich in protein, it is also an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. The best part is, its protein and minerals are easily absorbed by our body.

High-technology extraction method
Golden Clam is produced by a high-technology, high-temperature extraction method using water-soluble enzymes that meets the highest manufacturing standards. This method preserves the natural nutrients and organic minerals found in the golden clam: protein, amino acids, vitamin B12, arginine, ornithine, taurine, choline, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

Highest glycogen content
International research has shown that the glycogen content in the golden clam is the highest known among other animals and plants so far. It is four times that of Lingzhi Mushroom’s (Ganoderma). Glycogen is vital for our body strength and endurance.

No preservatives or additives

No unpleasant fishy taste

Liu Chuan Golden Clam has 3 “Low” Characteristics

Low in Cholesterol: Study shows that GOLDEN CLAM has a low cholesterol value as compared to other seashells and 6 other products in the market.
Low in Purine: Golden Clam contains a very low purine level of 5.28mg compared to other purine source products such as apple, mushroom, and shrimp.
Low in Sodium: Golden Clam has the lowest SODIUM content of 20mgs compared to other products such as Seashells, Chocolates, Biscuits, Potato Chips, Peanuts and Eggs.
Perfect Protein : Based on the United Nations report under their Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), GOLDEN CLAM has been classified to have a PERFECT PROTEIN VALUE OF 100 comparable to EGG and exceeds the other 13 protein generating products available in the market.

Nutritional Facts

Liu Chuan Golden Clam is rich with NUTRIENTS with Zero Additives / Preservatives and 100% All Natural

Vitamin B Complex:
Vitamin B2 – helps improve vision, activates vitamin B6.
Vitamin B6 – improve nervous and immune system, reduces blood clothing.
Vitamin B12 – formation and maturation of red blood cells, regenerate body cells.

Choline Improves liver functions of regulation and synthesis. Removes excess fat and cholesterol from liver, prevent fatty liver and liver cirrhosis.

Phosphate: For healthier formation of bone and teeth, helps kidney excrete waste. Glycogen Enegise liver cell, increase energy

Ornithine: Muscle building, weight gaining, improves appetite and increase ability to heal.

DHA: Improve and development of the infant’s brain, reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the level of blood triglycerides, maintenance of normal brain in adults.

Protein: The fresh water clam has been valued the most perfect protein in the protein index. The definition of “perfect protein” is when proteins can be fully absorbed by the body. Freshwater clams is valued the most perfect protein of scale 100, meat of 80, milk of 74 and soyabean at 56. Nature made clam is indeed the excellent choice of healthcare product for your organ. According to Clinical Research in Japan and Taiwan, Clam can effectively protect and strengthen the functions of liver, prevent and improve liver, heart, kidney and pancreas diseases and can help control cancer particularly liver cancer.

Zinc: Improves immune system of the body and adds calcium to bones, antioxidant, and improves wound healing.

Arginine: Liver detoxification, improves blood circulation, decrease blood pressure, eliminate erectile dysfunction, and improves ejaculate volume. Arginine helps strengthen the body’s immune system, regulates hormones and blood sugar, and promotes male fertility. Name as “natural viagra”.

Taurine: Antioxidant, help improves vision and prevent cataract.

Calcium: For stronger bones and teeth, relieve mood swings and food craving.

Amino Acids: Amino acids form the proteins that in turn form muscle tissue and increase fat metabolism. This support normal growth and functioning of all bodily organs, including the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and sex organs.

Who need to take Golden Clam

The 10 Groups of people Who need to take Golden Clam

Alcohol Drinkers
Alcohol is toxic substance that can harm almost any system or organ of our body, especially our liver and it is related to more than 60 different disorders with short and long term consequences. Excessive toxic substance to our body increases the risk of liver cirrhosis. Therefore, metabolizing alcohol is not that easy. Taking GOLDEN CLAM daily has been proven to reduce and eliminate harmful toxic substances, free radicals and effective in metabolizing alcohol.

Pregnant Women
the starting point of life starts from the first month of pregnancy. On the 3rd month, the immediate concern for a would-be mother is the birth of the fetus. Pregnant women need an extra 400mg of calcium daily. That’s about 50 percent more than recommended for women 25 years old and above. Nearly all of the extra calcium goes into the baby’s bones. If there is not enough calcium in the mother’s diet, the fetus may draw calcium from the mother’s bones. Calcium deficiency in pregnancy may result in decrease bone density on the mother. It is recommended to gain 25-30 pounds during the 9 month pregnancy. Taking GOLDEN CLAM daily may help achieve a 25-pound weight gain, ensure a healthy pregnancy and supports the full development of the baby. A total weight gain of about 25 to 30 pounds during the 9 month pregnancy is recommended. The 25-pound weight gain breaks down as follows: baby, 8 pounds; placenta, 1pound; amniotic fluid, 1.5 pounds; breasts, 3 pounds; uterus, 2.5 pounds; and stored fat and protein, water retention, and blood volume, 8 pounds. Taking GOLDEN CLAM daily may help achieve a 25-pound weight gain, ensure a healthy pregnancy and supports the full development of the baby.

Working Professionals
working professionals or “workaholics” who work more than what the body could take, thereby resulting in much stress and fatigue, both physically and mentally. Taking GOLDEN CLAM will supercharge the needed energy to increase the stamina and sustain the long hours of working. Thus, it gives your mind and body, a stress-free and fatigue-free condition.

Graveyard or Night Workers
are those people who love to work at night, reversing the night to day. Working at night shift is more susceptible to stress, fatigue, tiredness and will increase the risk of insomnia and other sleep disorders. Also, it increases the risk of heart and digestive problems. When you are awake at night and asleep during the day, your body is not receiving powerful biological cures from the amount of light in the environment. These cues are necessary to regulate the circadian rhythms that control your sleep/wake cycle. Once this become chronic, it easily damages your liver. Taking GOLDEN CLAM daily will help relax your muscles, boost energy and vitality, regenerates liver cells and promotes better sleeping quality.

Clear and Radiant Skin Complexion
Do you know that every minute, 2 liters of blood passes through the liver for detoxification? If you are experiencing overloaded liver, it manifests skin problems such as dull shallow complexion, cracked skin, acne, eczema, allergies and rashes. Also, if you are suffering from age spots, or “liver spots”, on your face or body, reaching out for any skin whitening cream, should not be your only remedy. GOLDEN CLAM contains NATURAL anti-oxidants as compared to other SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL based food supplements today. With Cysteine, Glutamic Acid and Glycine are amino acids that once synthesizes in our body produces Glutathione, aside from Methionine, Taurine, Ornithine and Threonine who are all major liver detoxifiers agents. Taking Golden Clam daily gives a full-packed of VITAMIN B COMPLEX, MINERALS AND AMINO ACIDS that will not only detoxify your liver, but rejuvenates your whole body for clearer and radiant skin complexion, achieve better body contour and slow down the aging process.

Long Distance Traveler
people who are involved in driving or long distance traveling. Travelers who suddenly feel sleepy, while driving, will be too risky and dangerous. Taking three (3) tablets of GOLDEN CLAM daily will boost your energy, stamina and keep you mentally alert while driving.

Couple Endurance
are for couples in their late 40s who are experiencing deficiency of their vitality and endurance. GOLDEN CLAM is rich with ORGANIC ZINC and L-ARGININE which helps increase seminal fluid and stimulates blood vessels, thus promotes better prostate health, maintains normal urinary flow, rejuvenates testicular function, improves orgasms and encourages healthy sexual desire and performance for couples. Taking three (3) tablets of GOLDEN CLAM< daily will super-charge the vitality and endurance of every couple and achieve total satisfaction.

Medicine Takers People
people who are considered chronic medicine takers will have difficulty of metabolizing the medicines and will remain in the liver for the next 10 to 20 years. Taking GOLDEN CLAM will protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals and will help in removing the harmful toxins.

Child Development
beginning from the life form of a fetus while growing inside the mother’s womb until the reach their adulthood. Biological and psychological changes occur between birth and the end of adolescence, as they progress from dependency to increasing autonomy. Starting from infant stage, they must be properly fed with the right food and nutrients for their PHYSICAL GROWTH, MOTOR DEVELOPMENT, COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT and LANGUAGE. As they grow older, more nutrients from the food pyramid group are needed to sustain their development. Giving them GOLDEN CLAM daily, it will supplement and provide high intake of nutrients such as PROTEIN, CHOLINE, ZINC, PHOSPHORUS, GLYCOGEN, ARGININE, ORNITHINE, TAURINE, CALCIUM, AMINO ACIDS AND VITAMIN B COMPLEX which are all essential to achieve the 10 signs of good nutrition as follows: 1. Healthy Growth; 2. Alert and Lively; 3. Physically Active; 4. good Learner; 5. Good Appetite for a variety of foods; 6. Strong and Clean Teeth; 7. Good Posture; 8. Strong Bones and Muscles; 9. Sound Sleeps; 10. Regular Bowel Movement.

Elderly Men and Women
those aged 50 years and above. When you get older, one of our primary concerns is to be affected with ARTHRITIS and OSTEOPOROSIS. Deficiency of collagen and calcium are the primary causes of such disorder. Taking GOLDEN CLAM with its naturally-rich CALCIUM and PHOSPHATE components plus other minerals and amino acids, has been proven effective in the formation and repair of cartilage and other body tissues. It improves bone density, slow down the aging process and increase the immune system. Lastly, it boosts energy and vitality.

Recommended Dosage


Laureana Magdo III - I used to have lots of pimples but when I used golden clam… even in just a span of two weeks, I’ve noticed that my pimples were minimized and now there are all gone. Now I have the confidence to say that I am handsome/ pretty :D.

Randel Dometita - I am a businessman, that is why, stress for me is inevitable, so I get sick fast. Though I find sometime to rest, I can’t afford to stay idle that long because I can’t keep my mind thinking about my business, so to help restore my strength, I tried using food supplements shown in televisions, but I can say… it is like a waste of money, nothing really helped until my wife introduced to me Golden Clam. Unbelievably, when I started taking Golden clam, though I sleep late at night and wake up so early, my body is feeling so great as if I slept for 8 hours, and my mind became sharper.

Carl Gloria - I can say that Golden Clam is really a strength booster. Tiredness can even out of vocabulary when you are taking Golden Clam everyday.

Erwina Belleza - Last year, my Dentist told me to drink milk or take ascorbic acid everyday because my gums used to bleed whenever I am having my regular dental check-ups/cleaning. The problem is I don’t like milk and I failed to take ascorbic acid everyday. Until such time that my sister introduced to me Golden Clam for my skin, for she knows that I am more of a beauty conscious than a health conscious one. But would you believe, last week when I visited my Dentist, he said “Very good! it seems like you are having your regular calcium intake.” Golden Clam really got lots of benefits.

Ronnel Daga - I know I need a regular calcium intake to prevent myself from having osteoporosis, but even in my younger years my parents are really having a hard time convincing me to drink milk. Two months ago, one of my friends told me about Golden Clam. And, because of the featured benefits, I decided to try it even just for a month. Amazingly, even after a week, I could exercise for an hour unlike before. It is like I am gaining extra strength and my back is not killing me anymore.

Janice Tugade - I can say that Golden Clam really helps in my sexual life. It doesn’t matter if I and my wife are usually stressed at work because with the help of Golden Clam we always have the endurance to make love.

Ismael Masura - I am living in Bulacan and my work is in Makati. I have no choice but to travel that long everyday. But I am not worrying about driving home late from an Over Time because Golden Clam keeps my mind sharp and alert.

Manuel Ruiz Martinez - I really got insomnia before. I fell asleep at 3pm so I was having difficulty waking up early. But at the night after I first took Golden Clam, my insomnia was already gone. I am having a good night sleep every time I take it since then. My friends noticed that I am becoming more blooming because I don’t have those annoying eye bags anymore.

Cherry Magdayao - Last year, my Doctor diagnosed me having a liver problem that is closed to a disease, so he prescribed me not to drink alcohol anymore and start eating a balance diet… but because I am a businessman most of the time I get involved to excessive alcohol drinking when socializing, Luckily, I got the Golden Clam news from my friend, and I started taking it. After a month I visited my Doctor again and he told me that there is a very good improvement in my liver condition, so I continue on using Golden Clam for much greater result. I sometimes drink and eat some fatty foods when I got meetings with my clients or friends but in moderation now. And I don’t fail to take Golden Clam because it is the one that makes my liver restoration faster.

Remedios Salak - I used to try different food supplements that are well-advertised here, but I was alarmed when I heard about the news about synthetic chemicals that are present in it, which based on studies, are “TOXINS” that may harm our body more. Until I heard about this Golden Clam, whole food supplement or natural food supplement that is made of 100% clams from my friend and I tried using it for a month. I tell you, the goodness of Golden Clam manifested to me even after two weeks of taking it, which I’ve never experienced from any food supplements that I took before. I am stronger, my mind is sharper, and I can say I became more active. For this results, I will make Golden Clam a habit.

Golden Clam is like a miracle…

Annievic Mallari - Because of the goodness of golden clam in my family, I can say that it is not only Taiwan’s National treasure but one of the World’s treasures.

Analiza Macasaquit - Golden clam is the best…

Charlie Manaloto - For me health is when you are having a balance diet, healthy lifestyle and taking Golden Clam regularly.

Liliy Rose Buenzalida - I can say that a smart businessman will not only invest for his wealth but more importantly for his health… and Golden Clam is one of the best health investments..

Rogelio Cingco - I chose golden clam because aside from the fact that it is natural, it is also an ALL-IN-One Food supplement… good for the kidney, for the heart and for the liver…

Ms. Erlinda Chong - For more than 20 years as a Dentist, I’ve encountered lots of patient that really got weak gums. Tracking their history, they really have poor calcium intake, either they don’t like drinking milk or not fond of eating dairy products. Until one day, I was amazed to one of my patients. She’s 50 years old already but still got strong teeth and gums. She told me that she’s taking Golden Clam. Out of curiosity, I tried it and it is really good. I liked its result to my bones and body, so I’m highly recommending it to my clients.

Golden clam is amazing…

Mr. Edward Wong - I can say that my work really needs not only a strong body but a very strong mind… Before, when I am so tired or stressed, I can’t think better. But when I started taking Golden Clam, I’ve noticed that I can work longer and my mind became more active, so I am more confident now in my decisions…


1. I heard that there is a risk of exposure to the Hepatitis A virus from eating clams. Will I risk virus exposure by taking of Golden Clam?
* No. One can only be infected by the Hepatitis A virus by eating contaminated clams. If the clams are fresh and come from an uncontaminated source, they are actually one of the best foods you can take for your liver. Golden Clam is made of possibly the world’s best Golden Corbicula Clams from the HuaLien province in Taiwan, a pristine, clean and unpolluted land.

2. Seafood is known for its high cholesterol content. Will this product raise my blood cholesterol level?
* The cholesterol content of Corbicula Clam is low. In fact, studies show that long term consumption of Corbicula Clam may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol and triglycerides) and raise HDL (good cholesterol). This is because only 20% of cholesterol in our bodies comes from diet. The liver manufactures 80% of it. As Golden Clam promotes healthy liver function, it actually supports the liver in regulating LDL and HDL in optimum ratios.

3. Can I take Golden Clam if I’m allergic to seafood?
* Although many people with seafood allergies have no problems taking Golden Clam, you should always exercise caution and check with a medical doctor before taking this product if you have an allergy to shelled seafood.

4. Can children take this product?
* Yes. Apart from helping to protect their livers from the chemical additives found in our daily diet, it also provides nutrients necessary for growth and keeps them energetic all day long for better concentration in school. Rich in Taurine, it is great for kids with poor appetite.

5. If clams possess so many health-enhancing benefits, can’t I just cook and consume clams from the market instead of taking this clam supplement?
* Yes, but you will need to ensure that the clams from the market are fresh, good quality and obtained from an unpolluted source or risk exposure to the Hepatitis A virus. Furthermore, you would need to consume about 300 - 600 clams a day in order to enjoy their benefits. Plus, the heat from cooking tends to destroy some of the clams’ nutrients. Golden Clam takes away all of the hassle and guesswork. Each tablet contains the goodness of 100 fresh Corbicula Golden Clams. The Corbicula Clams from HuaLien are set apart from the Corbicula Clams from other countries by its golden colour and its superior nutritional value which offers more profound liver-enhancing benefits.

6. I am already taking a Milk Thistle Supplement for liver detox; do I still need to take of Golden Clam?
* Yes, you are advised to take both Milk Thistle and Corbicula Clams as they complement each other’s function to protect the liver and promote its health. Apart from enhancing liver health, Corbicula Clams also help to increase energy levels, promote male sexual performance, beautify skin, etc.

7. Can I take of Golden Clam along with medication?
* Yes. You can take it with medication since it is considered a food supplement, and there is no known interaction with medication. However, if you have a serious medical condition or if you have any doubts, please seek a physician’s advice before consuming of Golden Clam.

8. What is Golden Clam? Why is it Rich with vitamins and minerals?
* Golden Clam also known as Golden Corbicula Clam are cultured using Green Algae or Chlorella and natural freshwater only. Chlorella or Green Algae is the highest source of Chlorophyll known as Chlorela A+ is the premium dietary supplement that contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals including vitamin B complex, carotene, iron and calcium. It is the highest source of Chlorophyll, which is a liver detoxifier, a bowel cleanser, a catalyst for the absorption of other elements and speeds up the healing rate of any damage tissue. Golden Clam has gained recognition as a health enhancing tonic.

9. Why is Golden Clam regarded as one of the Taiwan’s National Treasure?
* The best Golden Clams come from the HuaLien County in Taiwan. It is the world’s only organic algae and fresh water farm. Hualien Taiwan is claimed to be one of the few remaining unpolluted spots in the world. One unique feature that sets the Golden Clams form that region apart from the Corbicula Clams from other countries - is their golden color... hence the name "Golden Clams". The nutritional value of the Golden Clam surpasses any other, and has more profound liver-enhancing benefits.

10. Why is Golden Clam expensive?
* It take 240 to 300 days of time to breed a Golden Clam, Each Golden Clam is produced by a high technology, high temperature (3) three stages extraction method using water soluble enzymes that meets the highest manufacturing standards. This method preserves the natural nutrients and organic minerals found in the golden clam: protein, amino acids, vitamin B complex, arginine, ornithine, taurine, choline, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals.

11. Can I take more than 3 tablets of Golden Clam per day? What will be the effect?
* Yes, Golden Clam is an all natural food supplement with no known side effect. It will boost your energy and vitality and gives your mind and body a stress free and fatigue free condition.

12. If I have uric acid or high blood pressure can I take Golden Clam?
* Golden Clam have three low characteristic namely: low cholesterol, low purine and low sodium therefore it is safe for people who had uric acid and high blood pressure to consume.

13. Can I take Golden Clam if I’m allergic to seafood?
* Although many people with seafood allergies have no problems taking Golden Clam, you should always exercise caution and check with a medical doctor before taking this product if you have an allergy to shelled seafood.

14. What is the edible time in taking Golden Clam?
* We recommend to take the 3 tablets of Golden Clam every night, 1 hour before you go to bed. The liver organs are repaired during 11:00 pm to 1:00 am every night. In certain cases, if you can’t sleep at night after taking the tablets switch it into the morning before you eat your breakfast. The cell obtains enough nutrition when organs are repaired, so it raises vigor and spirit and makes one hard to fall asleep.

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