About Reuteri

In 2001, The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on the use of probiotics. The report cited that “ Probiotics must be able to exert their benefits on the host through growth and/or activity in the human body”. Probiotics can balance our microflora and protect our digestive tract. Also, it is essential for our gut health.

Reuteri is proven scientifically to survive in the acid of the stomach and bile salt in the intestine. It colonizes in the stomach, small and large intestine. Once established, Reuteri promotes the growth of other good bacteria, produces and secretes reuterin. Reuterin inhibits the growth of a number of common bad micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Reuteri has been shown to cause recruitment of immune cells in the gastrointestinal tissue, which is associated with protective immune system stimulation.

REUTERI PROBIOTICS is the only chewable probiotics tablets containing natural lemon flavor sold in Hongkong which is convenient for children and elderly to take. The use of enteric coated capsules is not suitable for those have swallowing difficulties REUTERI PROBIOTICS is widely used by doctors in Europe One tablet a day provides the recommended daily dose of 100 million live Lactobacillus reuteri Probiotics bacteria

Product Quality Assurance

1. Has undergone numerous testing under the Japan Food Analysis Laboratory and is duly licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Health based on the Japanese government's standards on health and food safety and product quality requirements;

2. Has passed the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center for medical products, proving that the extract is free of pesticides, insecticides, micro-organisms and other harmful substances. Does not contain any heavy metals, preservatives, pesticide residues, Complies with the international standards of quality.

3. Is known and recommended by doctors, pharmacists, and optometrists throughout Japan and Hong Kong;

Beneficial Effects of Reuteri Probiotics

Balances stomach and gut health;

Modulates immune system;

Relief of occasional or non-persistent diarrhea or constipation

Helps children grow healthily

  • To improve children gut immunity.
  • To facilitate the absorption of nutrients, e.g. DHA, calcium and vitamins, these are essential nutrients for children growth.

Improves gut immunity

  • To increase immune cells in the human small intestine, this creates gut harmony and improving health. (Valeur et al., 2004)

  • To improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract through enhanced microvillus growth and intestine integrity.

Enhances bowel movement

The breakdown of fiber and lactose by Reuteri produce lactic acid and acetic acid. These acids stimulate the bowel movement.

Effective Ingredients

- Each tablet contains 100 million active cells of L.reuteri ATCC 55730

- Reuteri occurs naturally in humans makes it a truly human probiotic. It uniquely adapted to reside in the gastrointestinal tract of man. Other species have their natural living environment outside the human body and are therefore just temporary residents derived from food. Reuteri is the only Lactobacillus species to produce “reuterin”, which strengthen the immune system, other probiotics cannot produce reuterin.

- Reuteri is robust and withstands exposure to the acid gastric juice and bile salts in the upper small intestine and adheres easily to the intestinal wall, therefore there is no need to use enteric coated capsules to ensure its survival. Other probiotics cannot resist to stomach acid and bile salts efficiently, therefore an enteric coated capsule is needed to ensure its survival.

- Reuteri is the only chewable probiotic tablets containing natural lemon flavor sold in Hong Kong which is convenient for children and elderly to take. The use of enteric coated capsules is not suitable for those have swallowing difficulties.

- Reuteri is widely used by doctors in Europe.

Scientific Research on Reuteri

Reuteri Probiotics has received the most worldwide support of clinical report and until now over 50 clinical reports and 28 papers on 4100 people of different age published. Reuteri sells well in global market including Sweden, Finland, Spain, Australia, America, South Africa, Japan and Korea. The following is the details of the product.

Direct to Gastrointestinal Tract Research showed Reuteri is convenient to human body that can survive with antibiotics and gastric acid in gastrointestinal environment Reuteri can produce Antibiotics Reuterin and inhibit the growth of bad micro-organisms.
Children 's Health

Children is easy to be infected by virus when touch something and put them in mouth, certainly it would be happened more often on premature infants, which will affect their nutrition uptake and growth. Research showed activated Reuteri can improve gastrointestinal immunity and against the attack of bad bacterium, which is safe to premature infants and baby.
Adults Health

In the human body, gastrointestinal tract is an important part body defense that lives roughly 80% immune cells. Research showed that Reuterin is beneficial in the balance of gastrointestinal germs and immunity improvement.
Pregnant Woman Health

Pregnant woman often has the problem of indigestion accidental constipation and they have to bear the pain because drug is easy to affect the fetus’ growth. Reuteri is helpful for the improvement of Intestinal peristalsis without any side effect, therefore it is beneficial for mother’s health and also safe for the fetus.

Recommended Dosage

- For gut health, adults and children over 1 year old, chew 1 tablet per day (Please crush into powder for infants under 2 years old)
- For people who have gastrointestinal problems, chew 2 tablets per day

** You can adjust dosage of Reuteri – Probiotic chewable tablets according to your bodies’ condition.

Everyone Needs REUTERI

To be healthy, everyone needs to have a balance of healthy microflora in his or her digestive tract. It is a little known fact that about 80% of our immune system is located in the tissues in and around the digestive tract. There, the 400-500 different kinds of microorganisms that constitute our normal flora defend us against harmful bacteria, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease.

In a perfect world, nobody would ever need to take probiotics. We would receive our first doses during birth and from our mothers' milk, eat naturally fermented food products prepared slowly in traditional ways and live the 'natural' life. Then perhaps we could afford to take our intestinal balance for granted!
However, living in a fast-paced industrialized world, the human intestine gets bombarded daily by allergens, chemicals and potentially harmful bacteria through our food and drink. In addition, sickness, certain kinds of medicine, changes in eating habits or plain old stress can upset the balance of our intestinal flora and give harmful bacteria an opportunity to thrive.

For this reason, probiotics play a fundamental role in human health and disease prevention. By taking probiotics, we can restore the body's natural balance, boost our health and maintain our well being.

To date, research has shown positive health benefits of Reuteri in three main areas:

Gut health
Reuteri combats harmful bacteria and improves gut health Extensive, well-controlled clinical studies show that Reuteri not only protects people from gastrointestinal infections but can also speed up recovery after an infection.
Reuteri boosts the immune system and reduces risk of common infections. In two recent studies on day care children and adults, L. reuteri Protectis showed convincing results on reducing the risk of acquiring common infections. Effects on the immune system involve the ability of Reuteri to recruit the so-called CD4 + T-cells, and these help stimulate the immune response, which is the body's first line of defense against disease.

Oral health
Reuteri improves oral health and reduces risk of dental cavities Gum disease and tooth decay can both be dramatically reduced by the regular use of L. reuteri Prodentis.(chewing gum and lozengesavailable soon)

Additional Probiotic health benefits
The best-proven health benefits of probiotics are:

- Shortening the period of symptoms of gut infection
- Decreasing the risk of having side effects from treatment with antibiotics

Other areas where probiotics are used, and/or being studied in scientific trials are:

- To aid people with lactose intolerance
- To lessen the risk of traveler’s diarrhea
- To aid people with indigestion problems, dyspepsia or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- Decrease the risk of allergy in infants and young children


What is Reuteri Probiotics?
- Reuteri Probiotics are supplements taken to enhance the action of the human digestive system. They promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut. These friendly bacteria help to keep harmful bacteria from causing digestive problems and help to maintain overall good health. Reuteri is a product that contains the bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri).

How Does Reuteri Probiotics Work?
- After you take Reuteri Probiotics the bacteria in it attach itself to your intestines. Once in your intestines, the bacteria L. reuteri grow and secrete substances that attack any harmful bacteria that find its way into your digestive tract. The L. reuteri also prevent the harmful bacteria from growing in your digestive tract by preventing the harmful bacteria from getting the nutrients it needs. This balance of the "flora" in your digestive tract helps to keep you from getting sick and can promote healthy digestive action.

Benefits of Reuteri
- By taking the product you may lessen the length of diarrhea episodes, prevent fungal infections in adults, help to calm colic in infants, lessen the nausea caused by some antibiotics and boost and strengthen the immune system.

How is Reuteri Probiotics Taken?
√ Chew two tablets per day for people who have gastrointestinal problem
√ For gut health, adults, and children over 1 year old, chew one tablet per day

Note: You can adjust the dosage according to your bodies’ conditions
- One tablet a day provides the recommended daily dose of 100 million live Lactobacillus reuteri Probiotics bacteria

Side Effects
- Reuteri is considered safe for all ages and may be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The only side effect reported was mild gas. This lessened after the body adjusted to Reuteri's effect on the digestive tract.

Do I need to take Reuteri Probiotics every day?
- Yes, since the intestinal levels are depleted within about a week after discontinuing use. The resident microflora of an individual is relatively fixed and thereby highly resistant to the establishment of “newcomers”. Even an indigenous bacterium like L. reuteri should be taken on a regular basis, since most people of modern society does not get colonized by L. reuteri during infancy. By taking Reuteri Probiotics you maintain a beneficial total daily supply of lactobacilli.

Should I refrain from combining Reuteri Probiotic products with any specific medicines or drugs?
- No, these products are considered to be food and are comparable to yoghurt when it comes to safety. On the contrary, Reuteri Probiotic products are very useful in combination with for example antibiotics. It helps reduce side effects of the antibiotics.

Why is L. reuteri so special?
- L. reuteri is a natural colonizer in humans from the time we are born and is even found in the milk of breastfeeding mothers. It is one of very few species of Lactobacillus that is uniquely adapted to reside in the digestive tract of man and to interact with us in symbiosis (Oh PL et al. 2009). Most other bacteria have their natural living environment outside the human body and are just temporary residents derived from ingested food.
- L. reuteri is also unique among probiotics in producing the natural inhibitory substance reuterin.